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Students Guide to Greatness


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The Students Guide to GREATNESS was specifically written for todays teens. It is an easy, exciting read that will help young people develop in every area of their life, pushing them towards success and progress. The lessons in this book are NOT taught in school. These pages will provide you with the skills that will allow you to fill in the gaps, between problems and potential, average and great, obstacles and opportunities. It helps prepare students to be career, college and life ready upon graduation. 

Helps Students:
  • Break free from peer pressure to influence others in positive ways.
  • Raise empathy and minimize bullying among students.
  • Embrace a growth mindset that values hard work and resilience.
  • Capitalize on personal strengths to be career-ready upon graduation.
  • Develop critical thinking skills that produce better life choices, such as choosing healthy friends, improving study habits and setting goals.